We have done lots of research on these masks They are washable and reusable  They are made with two layers of cotton with a non woven filter inside, so you don’t over heat, you are comfortable, so it fits correctly and nothing gets in or out. It has the best available filter material ( according to research)so it protects you as much as possible ( it won’t be the same as the hospital ones but it’s a non woven filter which stops 99.5% dust at 0.5 microns and friendly to asthmatics. We can’t say it will stop the virus as we don’t know but it’s better than most types of homemade filters and they are using these types in hospitals in the US as they have run out of masks)The cotton is deadstock and/or remnants so there is limited quantities of patterns The elastic is new and so is the filter The nose piece is recycled wire or similar All the back of the masks are made with a white cotton material ( I’ve just used one photo as an example) so if you put it down you don’t put it back on the wrong way round The pattern may vary slightly from the pictured above  Check out our other masks as we are putting them on as we go. Also keep an eye out for our kids kitset masks coming soon We can ship these straight away FREE SHIPPING within NZ on orders over $50 Use the code:Overfifty

Autumn Forest filtered face mask


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