A handy pouch for in your purse, bag or taking to the beach or pool.
I have one of these that i use when I go to the pool with my toiletries in it.  However they can be used for many things from putting wet items in to keep items dry.

This cute pouch is bright so won’t be easily lost or left behind.  Its made from a pool donut! So water resistant, except for the zip.
The design on this is like no other as each one made is from a unique part of the blowup donut, each zip is recycled and unique.  
Pattern and zip may vary from product pictured.
Made from 100% recycled materials

21 cm  L x 13 cm H x 5 cm W at base

Comes with all the imperfections of a recycled prototype, as you know some of our materials aren’t the easiest to sew and are not always straight or perfect. But makes our products unique.

Donut summer


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