Perfect for winter morning frosts.  These covers are made from many things, but mainly the base of the tent used for making our produce bags or groundsheets and even white airbags for in shipping containers.
1 size fits most cars. If you do have a larger car or truck please let me know and I'll find you a suitable size.  Just tuck in the sides into the doors making sure the door is shut properly (so your battery doesn't go flat) Pop the wiper blades over the cover to hold down and you're all set. These can also be used the same way on the rear window.
When finished leave in the sun to dry then fold up and pop back into your car for the next frost.
These have many uses including seat covers if you're out at stop for a picnic at a park bench after the rain. Just put it over the seat area.
Here’s an quick video on how to put them on

Frost Windscreen Cover


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