*The last few of these have stripes that go the other direction to picture, as we try to get the best out of our limited stock. Seat belt colours may vary too.
Made from deadstock canvas and seatbelts that have failed WOFs ( but still strong enough)belt colours may vary slightly 
This is an awesome way to carry your firewood in. 
No mess on your clothes, no overloading a basket and straining your back trying to carry it. 
It’s easy just lie it flat, fill it up, grab handles together and open the door with your free hand and there you go 
Once inside you can let go of one handle to drop wood out into your indoor basket. 
Carry as much or as little as you want ( my hubby uses two of these at once 🙄 but he can’t open the door 😉)


Check out our others for different types and colours.

Jet stream -firewood carrier


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