The cotton fabric on the front is called waves.

I can see pieces of plastic amongst the waves, can you?

This mask is a reminder that single-use masks are made from plastic. We need to be thinking reusable


We have done lots of research on these masks They are washable and reusable These are suitable for adults or kids aged between 8-13 They are made with three layers of cotton with a non-woven removable filter inside, so you don’t overheat, you are comfortable, so it fits correctly and nothing gets in or out. It has a non-woven filter that stops 99.5% dust at 0.5 microns and friendly to asthmatics. We can’t say it will stop the virus as we don’t know but it’s better than most types of homemade nonfilter masks It is made from 3 layers of cotton plus a filter and it’s very comfortable, adjustable and breathable Elastic may vary in width and colour The elastic is adjustable  There is a wire nose piece sewn in  All the back of the masks are made with a white cotton material so if you put it down you don’t put it back on the wrong way round Check out our other masks as well, we have fitted too, but the pleated one tends to fit many different face size and shapes.

Plastic amongst the waves - Pleated mask

  • These masks can be washed in a hot or warm wash in the washing machine.

    Ironing with a hot steam iron is also recommended for sanitising or use a sanitiser.

    There may be slight shrinkage after the first wash. Only wash if badly soiled or very wet., line dry as UV is effective against the virus.

    Disposable masks are harmful to the environment. 

    The inside of the mask is white or offwhite cotton. So you know which way round to put it on and will show any soiling.

    Due to the nature of this product all sales are final and cannot be returned or changed, but do let us know if you have any problems.

    We don't make any claims to the medical benefit of our face masks.  We have followed WHO guidelines and US nurses making there own on the front line.  

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