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Minimal phone bags!

Ideal for when you don't want or need to take a handbag. 

Whether you're just popping out, going for a walk or don't like to carry larger purses or handbags, this is perfect for your essentials.  Check out our other pouches as we have made a variety.


It has three pockets :

One on the back flap

One on the inside of the flap

One inside the main pouch 


The flap is made from cotton, and the main part of the bag is vinyl which we embroidered a sea horse on it. Straps are remnant strapping. The straps are all removable if you want to change it up to a different strap for different occasions.


Pictured is an iPhone 12 ProMax for size comparison. 



12cm across x 23cm long x 4cm deep


Made from remnant vinyl and deadstock materials. Fittings are new or recycled where possible

Does not include props/cards/money/phone

As per usual a one of a kind.



Undersea - Phone pouch

Out of Stock
  • As you know we make our products locally and they are lovingly made by us by hand.  

    We know that sometimes our items are not perfect and imperfections may happen. 

    Sewing through some of our materials can be quite a challenge but this also makes our products unique. However, this does not change the functionality or quality of our products.

    So our stitching may not be quite straight due to the materials we try to stitch through.  It is very different from sewing regular materials. If you are unhappy with your product you have 30 days to return it for a full cash refund, voucher or similar replacement of the product 

    Shipping will be at your cost, but if you are local we may be able to arrange to meet up.

    Repair or Recycle it

    If you've enjoyed your product to its limit and it needs repair, please message us to see what we can or can't do..  Most of our products have a long lifespan due to their material composition. If it's beyond repair we may also be able to recycle it into something else, so please don't bin it. contact us first.

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