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Balloons - the party is over!

Time to be a party pooper!

Balloons, Time to burst that single use rubber bubble!

As a small country we have come a long way, but there’s still a long way to go. Yes we’re taking our own reusable bags and coffee cups. But what about the parties, the celebrations, the weddings and not to mention memorials where hundreds sometimes thousands of balloons are released at once. Because it doesn’t look like plastic doesn’t mean its not polluting our rivers, oceans and killing marine and wildlife. It has the same effect as single use plastic. Balloons lost to the sky’s can travel thousands of miles before they burst ans end up in the most unexpected and rural places.

Most people don’t even give them a second thought. The balloons all have to pop at some point, whether you’re at an event and oh look a balloon entertainer, yes kids love them...or having a celebration. How many do you hear popping, some only last a few seconds as they pop as soon as they hit the grass or ground. And look at the ones with other things inside them encouraging you to pop them, with no regard to where the rubbish goes. Eventually they are all washed out to sea, killing wildlife just the same as single use plastic.

Balloons can be made from a variety of materials from, latex, mylar, nylon fabric and neoprene. the most common being a type of plastic or rubber that can take from several months to years to break down, killing wildlife and polluting over and over again. Parent birds think its food for their young and feed it to them, unknowingly the young starve to death as the item doesn’t break down.

Even the rubber ones that are meant to break down, still do harm before they do If not disposed of correctly. Those that end up in landfill amongst the rubbish do the same as the other single use plastic.

So what are the options?

Anything reusable, anything not single use! Time to start thinking outside the square.

when you’re shopping, don’t grab that cheap packet of colourful balloons, next to the plastic cutlery and plates/cups!

Think sustainable, reusable, it could be bunting, lighting, fairly lights, flags, kites, banners and more. First option though should be environmental products. Bubbles are great as well as flowers. From home made to professional, shop around as its becoming popular. There are lots of DIY to be found online from tissue paper puffs and garlands to crepe paper chains and paper or material. Bunting in all shapes and sizes. Instead of a balloon release, use flowers on water, or bubbles into the air. Confetti, make your own with a hole punch or cutter with leaves and natural materials. Make it fun, make it different.

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