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If your looking for something different, unique and a stand out bag you’re in the right place.  This basic day pack is perfect for most occasions, whether you’re on a day trip shopping, heading to work, uni or just a day out.

The base of it is made from canvas from a vintage stretcher camp bed.  
The back seat belts are from failed warrants (may have a small mark, scuff, wear but still perfectly fine and strong for our purposes) The front seatbelt and buckle...(😱😬😳check out that buckle!), is also vintage, collectable and a rarity!
An off cuts on the front in red hessian makes two pockets. The big blue zip is recycled from a Kevlar vest and the inside of the bag is lined with retro sheeting.

This bag has all the imperfections from the materials previous life. So you will see old and removed stitching, marks etc.

Alpine Stretch day pack

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