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Beard Masks!

Does your beard hang out from under your mask leaving it open for germs 🦠 to get into or out?

Whether it’s our plain black BBM ( black beard mask) or one of the more colourful options, we have made the mask for you!


This mask is longer than the normal mask (can be custom made if you have an even longer beard, use the ‘custom beard mask’ in the shop), it is gathered under your neckline so sits comfy and covers your beard. It also has adjustable ear elastic and a removable filter inside. Plus as per usual an internal nose wire. for no fogging of glasses!

These masks are super comfy and have a removable filter which is rated at 99.5%@ 0.5 microns It is made from non-woven polypropylene material. The soft absorbent side should be towards your face when replacing.

This mask is made from 3 layers of cotton so is breathable and another layer for the filter pocket. (which you can also put your own filter in if you prefer.)  It has a nose wire for no-glasses-fog Elastic may vary in size and colour depending upon what is available.  

Everything is either new or remnant/deadstock material. It has an adjustable sewn-in nose wire.

The ear elastic are soft elastic, nice on your skin if you have no hair (colour and pattern may vary to picture) I’ve left the knot out so you can adjust if necessary them then pull through. The outside print fabric is quality 100% cotton and new material. The inside lining is two layers of white cotton dead-stock or new cotton ( so you can see if it’s soiled and don't put it on the wrong way around) The nose piece is a new aluminum.

This mask doesn't get caught in your clothes or drag. It fits snuggly under your chin and has great coverage of not only the sides but your length too

Thanks to the Selwyn Deputy Mayor for being one of our models for our prototype, his mask now has the same low curved under-eye shape as the comic mask pictured, worn by Jesse It's available in a range of materials. The photo combo of Jesse wearing the 'bold superhero' mask is a large size/custom order, but he fits comfortably in both this and the medium beard mask (comic pattern).


 The print on the grey and gold mask is waves, yet I can see small bits of plastic amongst them can you? We call this one oceans plastic This is a reminder that single-use masks are made from plastic.


Rhys Mathewson ( comedian and Seven Sharp reporter) is wearing a medium plain black with extra width.  If you want the extra width, please measure across your face, including the nose where the mask will sit to where the mask will sit by your ears, and add this in the comments section at checkout. as these masks are custom made and we don't take returns, so please make sure your fit is correct. If you don't have a flexible measuring tape, use a piece of string and then measure against a ruler.

If you'd like one made from one of our other materials in stock please email or message us to see what’s available please allow an extra day for these masks as there is a bit more work and customisation involved

please note the Ponga material is a little more expensive and price will show that when added to cart



SHORT BEARD includes boxed beard style-thin neatly trimmed sides, mutton chops - long sideburns that connect to a moustache, chin strap This bead mask is a shorter version of the medium. It is not tight against your face like the normal fitted or pleated masks. However, will still be tight enough around the edges like the other beard masks so nothing gets in or out. If you don’t like this space try one of our pleated masks and add a note that it’s for a short beard so we can make it slightly wider 😉

You have a choice of mask widths in all beard mask sizes-standard (which is what Jesse is wearing) -wide if you want max coverage over sideburns and your face measures 30cm+ from ear to ear including nose (this will add an extra $3 to the price automatically if you pick this option)


MEDIUM BEARD - mutton chops, gunslinger, medium hipster. Anything up to 20cm from the bridge of the nose to the bottom of the beard

CUSTOM BEARD - anything longer than 20cm (the length from your nose where the top of the mask will fit to the bottom of your beard ) Please use our custom beard mask in the shop Jesse is wearing a medium comic mask It fits well with a little extra room. But he will also fit into a custom larger-size too 😉.

Don't forget the coupon code 'Overfifty' at checkout for free shipping on orders over $50 within NZ


We do not offer any medical benefit of the face mask but they offer some barrier ( better than nothing or non-filter masks )from others coughing, sneezing around you, and protecting others from you if worn correctly. These masks can be washed in a hot wash, line-dried in the sunshine, and ironed with a hot steam iron or sanitized.

Disposable masks are harmful to the environment and made from plastic This mask can be reused if cleaned and sanitized

Due to the nature of the product all sales are final and cannot be returned or changed, but do let me know if you have any problems.

Thanks to Jesse, Rhys, Wal & Malcom for being models 😉

Beard mask- Short or medium beard

$35.00 Regular Price
$29.00Sale Price
  • Masks should be tight-fitting, no gaps anywhere to be effective, nothing gets in or out except your breath. 

    Our masks should not fog your glasses if fitted correctly.

    Some may feel a little hot when you first wear our pleated masks this is normal for some, they are thicker than the single-use or the 2 layer fitted masks you can buy elsewhere. Our pleated masks are 3 layers of cotton as well as a removable filter.

    We have followed the guidelines and recommendations of the W.H.O for the best protection without it being a medical mask (that should be left for medical professionals).

    However, if you are finding them too hot you may find it easier to remove the filter (as you still have 3 layers of protection which is a minimum they recommend)

    ​The single-use polymer medical pleated masks are made of 3 layers of very thin plastic, which afterward will turn into microplastics,

    So it's very hard to replicate that in a natural fiber that is protective without adding layers.  The other reason for the 3 layers is so the virus can not get through the tiny holes in the woven fabric. The filter is added best protection as it's a non-woven fabric

    Single or 2 layers, stretchy material, or the wrong type of material will allow the virus to get through. The question to ask is what is the purpose of the mask, protection, or fashion?

    ​ Most people become used to our masks and they become unnoticeable and more natural the more you wear them.

    We have people wearing these for 8+ hours a day with no problems


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