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Bee seen! This pannier bag is made from a bouncy castle ( blue) with failed WOF seatbelts, fabric remnants, high viz reflector panel offcuts and billboard material.  Some of the clips are new. 
It is lined with a curtain remnant and has large and smaller pockets inside as well as an over shoulder strap to hook on when off your bike. 
The clips undo easily and no Velcro to stick to your clothing or hard mounting clips. 
The great thing is that it doesn’t look like you’re carrying a pannier  when walking around😉
The bouncy castle is pretty much water resistant ( not sure about the bumblebee as it’s stitched on - but will need testing )
The bee is made from billboard and reflector

As per usual a totally unique of of a kind product. 

Get out and enjoy the fresh air, explore local , whether around the city or in the country or just down to the shop. Get on your bike and ride all year round!

Bee Seen Pannier

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