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We have done lots of research on these masks They are washable and reusable These are suitable for adults or kids aged between 8-13 They are made with three layers of cotton with a non woven removable filter inside, so you don’t over heat, you are comfortable, so it fits correctly and nothing gets in or out. It has a non woven filter which stops 99.5% dust at 0.5 microns and friendly to asthmatics. It is made from non-woven polypropylene material. The soft absorbent side should be towards your face when replacing.

We can’t say it will stop the virus as we don’t know but it’s better than most types of homemade non filter masks  It is made from 3 layers of cotton plus a filter and it’s very comfortable, adjustable and breathable Elastic may vary in width and colour There is a wire nose piece sewn in All the back of the masks are made with a white or cream cotton material so if you put it down you don’t put it back on the wrong way round Check out our other masks as we are putting them on as we go.

Butterfly Memories - Pleated mask

  • Masks should be tight-fitting, no gaps anywhere to be effective, nothing gets in or out except your breath. 

    Our masks should not fog your glasses if fitted correctly.

    Some may feel a little hot when you first wear our pleated masks this is normal for some, they are thicker than the single-use or the 2 layer fitted masks you can buy elsewhere. Our pleated masks are 3 layers of cotton as well as a removable filter.

    We have followed the guidelines and recommendations of the W.H.O for the best protection without it being a medical mask (that should be left for medical professionals).

    However, if you are finding them too hot you may find it easier to remove the filter (as you still have 3 layers of protection which is a minimum they recommend)

    ​The single-use polymer medical pleated masks are made of 3 layers of very thin plastic, which afterward will turn into microplastics,

    So it's very hard to replicate that in a natural fiber that is protective without adding layers.  The other reason for the 3 layers is so the virus can not get through the tiny holes in the woven fabric. The filter is added best protection as it's a non-woven fabric

    Single or 2 layers, stretchy material, or the wrong type of material will allow the virus to get through. The question to ask is what is the purpose of the mask, protection, or fashion?

    ​ Most people become used to our masks and they become unnoticeable and more natural the more you wear them.

    We have people wearing these for 8+ hours a day with no problems


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