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This unique mixed media piece is a true work of art! Starting with an original photograph by Wal Cattermole, it was then carefully hand-drawn, machine embroidered, and hand-painted with permanent watercolors. All of this was done on a sturdy, dead-stock heavy calico fabric, with the embroidery cotton also being sourced from dead-stock materials.

The piece is framed with a recycled frame, which may not be professionally done, but still perfectly showcases the beauty of this mixed media artwork. Measuring at 29cm wide by 30cm long, the frame features non-reflective glass, ensuring that you can fully appreciate the intricacy of the piece without any distracting glare.

Please note that this is a one-of-a-kind creation, as we pride ourselves on making unique, one-off pieces of art that cannot be replicated. This particular piece is especially rare due to its mixed media composition, making it a truly special addition to any art collection.

Piwakawaka - Fantail

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