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Introducing our new bouncy castle pannier/saddle bag - a perfect addition to your cycling gear! We are thrilled to offer these vibrant and fresh colours, with more options coming soon. Our latest bags feature a green logo, while the green one has no logo on the outside.

What sets our pannier bag apart is that it doesn't look like a traditional pannier bag. You can easily take it off and walk around with it, without looking like you're carrying a bike bag. The top can be rolled under to fit various heights of contents and to keep your belongings dry in the rain (please note that the zip is not waterproof). Plus, our latest bags come with new reflectors on the sides for added visibility on the road.

Made from recycled materials, the base of the bag is crafted from used bouncy castles or truck curtain sider material. The seatbelts are from failed WOFs, while the clips are new strapping remnants. The lining is made from a curtain or remnants, which may vary from the picture. Our reflector tape is new, sourced from road signage/cones specialists, and now comes in circles rather than strips.

While the stitching may not always be straight, our pannier bags are made to last. Even with heavy-duty machinery, this material doesn't act like normal fabric, but this doesn't affect its purpose. Belts, strapping, and buckles may vary in colour and size from the ones pictured, as our stock depends on what we can source at the time.

We are constantly evolving our products and have now added removable and adjustable toggles to attach the pannier to the lower part of your carrier. Having two toggles instead of one gives the bag more stability on your carrier and more options for different carrier types. Whether you have an old-fashioned bike or an electric one, our bags will look great. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to cycle in style with our eco-friendly pannier bags!

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Pannier Bag

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