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Limited Edition - A part of Christchurch history to keep


This tote bag is made from well-used canvas gazebos from the Christchurch Arts Centre Makete.

(you can see in the photos our stall within a gazebo on many different occasions) Whether you want it to be a memento/keepsake or an everyday bag, it's a part of Christchurch city history. 


The Sunrise tote bag has vertical yellow/white lines front and back with a blue/white vertical striped pocket.  




38cm across x 46cm height.

(approx as may vary slightly as we try to get the best from our materials)

This is a great bag to throw over your shoulder, whether it's for shopping or down at the beach.  It's an all-rounder bag.


The straps on the bag are offcuts of strapping.  The inside is lined with calico and has a pocket for essentials.  


You can see wear and marks from its life as a gazebo.  The canvas was washed prior to recreating, yet some of the stains and marks still remain.

The outside pocket is made from a smaller part of the canvas as we try to use as much as we can, even if it does have a stain on it.  The eyelets and the pole guides are all original from the gazebo.  You may also find the occasional blue line on our bags from the metal pole frames of the gazebos.


Each bag is completely unique.  Yes, they do have flaws and stains/marks, and even our stitching may not be perfect.  Sometimes the materials we work with don't behave like 'normal materials'; they can be thick or stiff in some places, and have eyelets to work around, resulting in imperfections. These imperfections do not affect the functionality or quality of the bag.







Sunrise Tote Bag

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  • The bag can be machine washed in cold or warm water.  Hot water may cause shrinkage, line dry only.  Keep dry.

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