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This pack is perfect for most occasions, whether you’re on a day trip shopping, heading to work, uni or just a day out.  It’s got the options of an over shoulder strap or backpack shoulder straps.  The main material is black pvc from the base of a bouncy castle. With grey vinyl exterior pockets, big enough for the largest drink bottles. The belts are recycled seatbelts from failed WOFs.  And an airplane belt clip. The flap is accomodating for long or shorter items with an  adjustable belt.  For extra strength and wear on the back and bottom we have used Kevlar from a tactical vest, as well as the zip for the closure. The back Kevlar is two layers with a soft foam padding for comfort.  The inside of the bag is lined with curtain remnants. This bag has all the imperfections from the materials previous life. So you will see old and removed stitching, marks etc.


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