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Whether it’s a festive, birthday or a thank you present. These bottle gift bags are awesome.

Don't use a bottle wrapped in single-use plastic! Be unique and sustainable.  By using these reusable bags, you are not only saving the material from landfill, and reducing single-use plastic but also spreading the word about sustainability and saving the planet. 

We believe that small things add up, just like a puzzle piece.  If we  all made one small choice to swap single-use plastic for a reusable or sustainable option (especially an option made from items headed to landfill) that it will add up to a bigger,  brighter future for generations beyond our own   ( a bit like a piece in a puzzle)


The bags are made in mesh or canvas and are strong and reusable, so pass it on if you wish or use it when you collect your wine/juice at the shops


The mesh is a new commercial blind mesh along with the canvas and both offcuts were destined for landfill.


If you would like a larger quantity please message us for details.


The ribbon colour and type will be random depending on what we have available at the time.

Does not include bottle

Wine gift bag

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