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  • to convert into reusable material,

  • to use again,

  • to collect rubbish and treat and produce useful materials that can be used again.


  • to give new life or freshness

  • to make something exist

What we Do

At ReCycle ReCreate I love to find materials that may not be usable for their original  ​purpose and make them into other things.  It's all about lateral thinking and problem-solving. Some may look like other items but the materials are not what you think. I think recycling and recreating has such a broad meaning, from breaking down substrates and reforming into new materials to just deconstructing something and making something completely different from its intended original use. So the meaning of these two words are not so black and white. ReCreate to me could also mean making a new item from new sustainable materials that are not normally used for that item So you may find items on here that are not recycled, but are recreated ideas using sustainable materials or practices. Yes recreating an idea/product to make it more sustainable/eco-friendly...

Who is behind it all?

My name is Shelley and I’m passionate about art, animals, recycling, and sustainability. I’m a printer by trade but love art or anything mechanical or creative (or all of it together)! I have run my own home-based Print business since 2001, but have been printing since 1984. I love the creative and mechanical side of printing. I also love to collect old rare books and print memorabilia. I started getting into wearable art a few years ago, creating it with reusable or recycled materials. Now I’m into creating reusable and recycled products for you to use. So you will not only find information about sustainable practices, items, and tips on my page, but you will also find art and creative projects. My aim is to help remove single-use plastic (especially bags), recycle as much as possible, give you tips and ideas as well as a great range of products I have made and share my creative madness.

I believe that most people think it’s impossible to aim for zero waste, however, if every person just changed one thing, for example making a conscious effort not to buy fruit and veges in plastic and take their own reusable bag, it will make a huge difference. Start small-think big, it all adds up. I use a puzzle piece as my label on products because ‘every small piece of the puzzle adds up to a big, cleaner, brighter future for generations to come.’ That’s why I invented the ‘BAGS NOT Plastic®. ’ range.

Where are we?

Since COVID has appeared, I haven't been at any markets, however, you can usually find me at the Local Prebbleton Community market, The Lincoln Farmers & Craft Market, occasionally the Arts Centre Makete, and sometimes one-off school fundraising events. You can't miss my gazebo at a market or school fair. I do the Go Green Expo every year, so follow my Facebook and Instagram sites to stay updated (also on my latest creations/prototypes in the pipeline).

Prebbleton is a village in between Christchurch and Lincoln in Canterbury, NZ  This is where I am based.  I live with my husband and 3 young adult children and a variety of animals from dogs, cats, chooks to worm farms.  It's hectic at times but I love it here, its a great community.


I was humbled to be nominated for several awards at the 2018 Selwyn  Awards. They were: Community Service, Environmental, Peoples Choice, Innovation Excellence.  There were some amazing and well deserving people and groups nominated. Must have been a hard job judging!  ReCycle ReCreate received Second Runner-up in Innovation Excellence.  A great night out, even managed to get an autograph from the MC of the night, Jeremy Corbett.  


In December 2018 some of my products were entered into the Sustainability section of the Healthy Food Guide Awards for 2019.  The sandwich bags received Highly Commended and a great write up in their magazine and online.

From Royal Castles to Bouncy Castles The Royal Tour came to Christchurch in November 2019 With the Prince of Wales making a stop in at Lincoln University to deliver a State of Nation's Environment address.  The next morning, with the Dutchess of Cornwall, a special stop off to visit the Lincoln Farmers and Craft Market.  I was privileged and excited to have them both stop into our site and chat for a while about my passion, my products especially bouncy castle bags and panniers.  I gave them both a small gift made almost entirely from old seatbelts, called 'whatever pouches' (meaning you can put whatever you like in them. It really was an exciting day for all.


Turtles & Jellyfish

One of a turtles' favourite food is the jellyfish.

Plastic bags look like jellyfish, especially in the water

1 in 3 turtles found dead on New Zealand beaches has eaten plastic.

According to UN statistics in 2017,

the average kiwi uses 6 single-use plastic bags per week, 

which equates to 348 per year.

The average bag is used for 12 minutes before heading to the rubbish bin.

If everyone in New Zealand used the average number per week,

then after one year we would have enough bags to cover Auckland 48.8 times!
Plastic that ends up in our oceans turns into smaller micro plastic that never breaks down, but can be found in salt, fish and other marine animals.

Plastic bags are often eaten by marine life.

The plastic will starve and kill the animal and the litter may not decompose for 1000 years and will continue to find more victims,

long after previous marine animals rot away.


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