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So what is PUL fabric?

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

There's a lot of items out and about using PUL fabric. 

So what is it? 

PUL stands for Polyurethane laminate,  which is basically a type of plastic/rubber film laminated to fabric in a chemical heat process.  This is generally used for items that need to be waterproof,  like nappy liners, sandwich bags, wet bags,  nappy bags and bibs etc. 

In the process of laminating the laminate to the fabric, some very harsh chemicals are used.  Recently there has been the introduction of so called 'eco-friendly' TPU which is being so called 'biodegradable solvent free polyester fabric'.  It's  a Thermoplastic polyurethane using heat as a binding process,  so it's the same but just missing the chemical binders! By laminating these products in which ever way, chemical or heat,  they are stuck together for the  life of the product and the longer life one is more likely to be the plastic laminate. So calling them biodegradable is greenwashing!

Yes you can use this material over and over again, but there are still other natural options out there,  without having to buy PUL as a new product. 

At ReCycle ReCreate, we believe in recreating from existing or using sustainable materials. We do not use any kind of new PUL, TPU products and sometimes this makes it hard for us to create completely waterproof products. We refuse to buy any kind of new plastic as a liner or coating. Our bags types are not 100% waterproof, but are water resistant/shower proof and this will become less with machine washing as the coating diminishes with each wash (A natural deterioration process). 

We rely on the fabrics previous life to determine the use and its waterproof-ability.  For example tent flys for wet bags,  sustainably sourced nylon for sandwich bag liners,  meat/chicken and book bags.

Some of our materials may not be 100% environmentally friendly but we are reducing these materials from prematurely going to the landfill, maximizing as much fabric use as possible. 

So when you go to buy a new or home made book bag, sandwich bag, wet bag or similar that looks beautiful, just check what it has been made from.  "All new" materials or "100% PUL waterproof" may be as good as a heavy duty trendy plastic bag.

Check out our range of recreated products on our shop page of the website. 

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