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What's Hot This Winter

Winter is on its way, so what do you get for those special occasions or just a midwinter gift for a friend who has everything? Are you stuck in this loop? Looking for something a bit different and ethical?


We make a range of recreated products that are unique and sustainable. Most of our items come with a story!

Made locally in Prebbleton, from a combination of items that we disassemble, for example, bouncy castles, deadstock/end of line, and remnant materials and items headed for the landfill.

So what are some of our top winter sellers?

Firewood Carriers

For those who still have log burners, our Wood carriers have been extremely popular. Our carriers come in a range of materials from canvas to outdoor blind mesh and PVC offcuts. All have strong seatbelts that have failed warrants (WOF's) for handles and support. Super easy to use, no mess on your clothes, no hurting your back carrying a big heavy basket or box, plus you can open the door. Most of all great for young and old as you can load up as much or as little as you can carry. check out our video here:

Whether it's the retro canvas that came from an old caravan awning, destined to be thrown out or a new deadstock canvas. Nostalgia comes to mind, with the retro carrier. memories of camping and caravanning come flooding back to me.

Retro, not your thing? We have PVC offcuts when in stock and lately some super strong outdoor blind mesh. This is not windbreak, it is an outdoor blind mesh material. made tough to withstand all weather elements. It's an offcut so when it comes to colours and sizes we get what we get given. However, they do look stunning, even in the grey.

Pannier Bags

PVC panniers are popular all year round for those biking and for gifts. We have our plain colours or we can custom make others. They are multi-fit to most carriers, made not to look like at pannier when you take them off to go shopping. They don't have hard clip systems that did into your body or legs when carrying. Made from a variety of materials including bouncy castle (main outside material), seatbelts, military vest zips, curtains, and remnants for linings and offcuts of strapping. They are versatile as you can carry taller objects in them, they don't mind getting wet (apart from zipping that you can roll up like a dry bag.)


Our backpacks have come about from our panniers. We have quite a range of backpacks now, each unique. Including custom pieces. All made from a variety of materials from camp stretchers to billboard material and paddling pools. These also come in a range of sizes from children to adult sizes.

Reusable Masks/Beard masks

We have a great range of reusable masks. Now that the borders are slowly opening and people are travelling again, masks are mandatory on public transport including planes, trains and buses. Imagine how many disposable masks are thrown out after one use. Not to mention most are made from a form of plastic. We make ours to the WHO recommended standards. We have a range of fitted and pleated masks to suit. As well as special beard masks...don’t let it all hang out, get a beard mask!

Whatever Bags

Made from billboard material from the Christchurch Arts Centre. Called whatever as they have many uses. From grocery shopping to carrying dirty boots, shoes or rugby gear in the boot of your car. Only limited by imagination. $5 from every whatever billboard bag or product made from this yellow billboard goes back to the arts centre restoration fund.

Billboard Tote bags

These bags are super lightweight and each is totally unique. We have several different types, from the zip closure to the open tote which is great for the pool or beach, great for wet gear or as a general tote or a hand/shoulder bag. So versatile and each one is different.

Organic Bread Bags

Not a recycled product but a recreated idea. Made from new organic cotton with a drawstring closure. This idea came to mind from shopping for loose bread and bread rolls at the supermarket. The rolls of single-use plastic and buying prepackaged buns in plastic was making me cringe. So these organic bread bags were born! I can get a mixture of 14 fill-a-bag rolls into one bag (the max limit allowed) without squashing any. when I return home I put the whole lot in the freezer, including the bag. The bag surprisingly doesn’t freeze and I take as many as I need for the day. There is no freezer burn on the buns and they still taste delicious. When finished the bag goes in the washing machine and line dried for next time.

Gift Bags

These come in a variety of sizes, materials and amounts per set depending upon how much of the remnant we had when making them. These are great instead of single-use wrapping paper that is usually torn off discarded straight away. The gift bag can be used for something else by the receiver for themselves or used again (passed forward) for another gift or occasion. After a specific size, flick us a message or email.


Forget paper towels! Use them once then in the bin. Napkins have been around for years! We use quality off cut, remnants and deadstock materials. These can be machine washed and used over and over again. A nice set with special embroidery around the edge makes a great gift.

Cutlery Wraps.

These are usually a great seller in summer for picnics, however, they are great in winter too for takeaways, date night in the car at a favourite dinner or lunch spot plane spotting (not many of those these days) or for taking to work. A great swap and an easy no thanks to single-use cutlery at your local takeaway food stop. These can be used for many things from paintbrushes and pencils to makeup brushes as well.

Sandwich Bags.

Still a favourite all year round. A great alternative to single-use plastic wrap or bags. An alternative to wax wraps for those who don’t like the wax residue or taste or have allergies to nuts (some wraps have nut oil added into the wax). These bags are lined with nylon for leakage but are not fully water-resistant. They are easily washable in the washing machine and can be line dried. We have two sizes but even the average size gets a good couple of sandwiches in. I also use mine to take biscuits and other food items in. I use more than one at a time.). We also have snack bags available.

So we hope you’ve found something for that special someone or given you some ideas. If you’d like a special item or a gift set please message us to see how w can help. Keep an eye out for what we’re up to on Facebook and Instagram as we’re always posting our current work and prototypes.

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