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Are you ready for a Billboard Bag?

So you’ve heard about our Billboard Bags 😉

The lowdown

Billboard material is made to withstand the elements 24/7 Heat, sun, rain cold and more They come in a variety of large sizes and usually very visible on buildings and roadsides. Although they are made tough to last they are usually not used as a billboard for very long.

Billboards once used get sold for water slides, boat covers or the majority sent to landfills. They are so lightweight and durable that we decided to make a variety of items, all of which are original. However, most of our items including our bouncy castle range are unique, not just the billboard bags.

Handmade locally, each item is a

100% unique, one of a kind, a one-off. So when it's gone it's gone!

(no more with the same exterior design. Basic bag shapes will be similar)

An original that has been created with a passion for the environment.

Reducing the amount of billboard material going to landfill.

There are a lot of problem-solving and prototypes that happen before the final product is achieved, as these materials do not sew as easy or straight as normal sewing fabrics. However, this does not change the functionality or quality of our product and just makes it even more unique.

So why buy cheap mass-produced inferior products that won’t last when you can have a range of forever bags* that if you decide you'd like a change, you can pass/sell on to the next person to enjoy.

Our Billboard bags are lightweight, durable, water-resistant and complimented with a variety of either recycled or sustainability sourced fixtures. These bags are made from a material that will take a so-called beating, super tough to withstand hail, snow, and thunderstorms, in the coldest winter to hot temperatures and sun in the heat of summer. So it's only logical for us to ReCreate them

Billboard bags are great for all occasions from our beach/pool totes, backpacks and everyday bags to our all occasion bags.

So are you ready for a ReCycle ReCreate billboard bag?

Help us to reduce premature waste going to landfill, for a future beyond our generation

*forever bags- Our billboard bags have a long lifespan due to the material composition under normal circumstances. However, the only areas they may fail over time will be in the stitching or accessories. If your item needs repair please talk to us to see what we can do. If its really beyond repair we may be able to recycle it into something else, so don't bin it please contact us first.

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