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How to reduce waste at Christmas

Its coming into the festive season and its time to think about how we can reduce waste.

Its not only time to think about gifts, but the wastage they can cause.

It has become so commercial, along with many other celebrations throughout the year.

If you’re buying for children look for eco friendly products or products that can be utilised/payed forward/sold on and repurposed or recycled after you’ve done with them. So good quality and/or made from natural products. Check also what packaging your purchase comes in. There is a huge amount spent on gifts pre Christmas and not to mention the sales afterwards. Meaning there is a huge amount of waste from packaging too.

Its ok to buy second hand!

Its even better to make your gifts if you can, if not shop local. There are so any creative local people out there. Check local FB pages, markets and stores.

Living Gifts

Living gifts are also in right now, from house plants to garden plants. Support local business by buying not only a plant but a pot to put it in too. Or grow your own and gift them. Check out markets for not only plants but pots too.

Making your own gifts is something special, as remember its the thought that counts. If you can not make or purchase a gift, then personal homemade vouchers are great (especially from kids) It could be a home voucher, a hug voucher, an I’ll cook dinner voucher - where they will do chores or something special. They can design their own vouchers.


There is a huge amount of Christmas wrapping that ends up in landfill after only being used once.

So how do we reduce this?

There are a few options,

- you can save the paper by unwrapping carefully and put it away for use again.

- if you’re giving clothes, use one as a wrap.

- If you google Furoshiki, its the Japanese art of wrapping using cloth.

- Make your own wrapping paper by recycling old papers, pictures or draw/create your own work of art.

- Gift bags. We have made some beautiful gift bags in various sizing, that you can be reused again and again.

Food & Entertainment

Whether its a family gathering or a bbq for Christmas, reducing waste can be easier than you think. Use local vege shops or grow your own veges for dinner. Buy fresh food locally. BBQ’s and family gatherings use reusable plates and cutlery rather than single use plastic. Use reusable napkins. Make your own Christmas crackers this can be a fun thing to do with kids, along with homemade tree decorations. If you’re cooking, don’t over estimate quantities as this can lead to food wastage.

One last idea

Reducing waste can be as easy as reducing consumption/purchasing. Its the thought that counts, spending time with friends, family and loved ones. Time is precious and so is our planet, there is no plan B.

Donate if you can to local charities, if not something they need at this time, then donate your time. Remember if purchasing, support local rather than buying cheap mass imported products that don’t last. Quality not quantity.

Have a safe festive season.

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